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Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 11.15.50Are you an undergraduate psychology student wondering what to do next?  Someone who’s planning on applying for a counselling psychology programme?  An existing trainee who is contemplating next steps?  A qualified psychologist from elsewhere seeking registration in the UK?  A trainer who wants more informed folks applying for their programme?  This book is for you.






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I joined the editorial team of this well-known, core text for counselling psychology for its most recent edition, and authored chapters about carrying out doctoral research and extending your research across your career span – kind of like I’m doing now!  This book takes you step by step through the phases of a counselling psychology career – from contemplation of training to advanced senior roles in the field – and has a great student companion website too that’s open access.




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Countless trainees have been guided through to qualification by The Trainee Handbook, and I was very pleased to be part of the fourth edition.  I contributed a chapter on finding a job after professional registration, a topic in which most trainees are intensely interested!







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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of being a research supervisor and examiner, it’s that getting the right research question in the first place is pretty key.  That’s what my chapter in this fantastic text is about, and the book is an amazing resource for researchers, taking you through research and decision-making processes in a way that few books do as well.





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I was really pleased to have contributed to this fantastic text, now in its 4th edition.  I contributed a chapter on working with the media.  This is a book that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about counselling and psychotherapy – a fantastic and comprehensive resource.  It’s a big one – kudos to my colleagues for having pulled it all together!





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This text helps you think deeply and critically about counselling psychology and to understand it from a variety of theoretical perspectives.  I contributed the chapter on existential approaches to counselling psychology.








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I asked my lovely colleague Isabel Henton – of London Counselling Psychologists – to collaborate on the chapter about research in counselling psychology.  We were really happy with the result!  Another installment in some fantastic and helpful books coming out about the profession.








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We are all so excited about the release of this book in mid-November 2018!  I wrote a chapter on how the digital age facilitates and disrupts continuing bonds, and the whole book is an amazing, helpful and thought-provoking update on a classic text.