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I use the juxtaposition of death & the digital age as a lens to examine the way we think, live and relate in an information society.

The Forgotten Bridge in process reports

The Forgotten Bridge in process reports.

It’s that time of year again, and I’m marking process reports; it feels topical, therefore, to repost this blog entry I wrote for my friends at London Counselling Psychologists. Luckily, I’m marking those of my own supervisees, who have learned these lessons well (for which read: have had these lessons relentlessly drummed into their heads). For anyone who doesn’t fare as well on first assessment, you might want to consider whether these pointers could help you.

Research Question/Methodology Webinar, 22nd June

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What’s a webinar, anyway?  Basically, I’ve taken the core messages about the doctoral research process from the research methodology courses that I teach on a professional doctorate in counselling psychology, and I have translated them into an online seminar format.  You can log on from home; you can see all the slides and hear me speaking; and you can either listen in on or participate in conversations with me about personal dilemmas in matching research question and methodology.  You’ll also get the chance to receive personal feedback via email about your own research question/methodology match.  Students rate my lectures highly, and I received excellent feedback on the first webinar (Developing Your Research Question) – even from webinar sceptics/newbies!  Click on the picture above for a link to registration and more information about the contents of the webinar.  Hope to see you there!